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  • 13-01-2020

    What service details should hotels pay attention to?

    The design of the hotel room should be more intimate to serve customers and provide convenience to them. However, many service details of many hotels are not reasonable enough so that customers cannot find what they need. This may make customers feel bad. The following service details should be noted by the hotel.

  • 16-12-2019

    How many of bedding sets should I buy? How long should I replace them?

    Actually, bedding sets belong consumables for hotel. It is used and needs to be replaced frequently. For some hotels, they need to be replaced for the bed once or even several times a day. In addition to focusing on the quality, they are also care about how many bedding sets they should prepare for each bed, and how often they should be replaced the new bedding sets.

  • 05-12-2019

    New bedding sets should be wash when hotel receive!

    Customers often tells us that the new bedding sets look clean. Actually from produce, packing to shipping, we are careful to prevent any dirty on the white bedding sets. But please note that it is necessary to wash it before using. There're several reasons.

  • 19-11-2019

    Why do some of our bedding sets are more expensive than others?

    KWSD company provides quality hotel supplies since 1998, we always hear some customer feedback: Why others' bedding linen looks same as yours, but some of yours are more expensive, that is why? Does it has other expenses? In fact, there are some reasons for their expensive price.

  • 16-11-2019

    How to wash the different hotel linen?(2)

    Last time we said that if wash the fabric in a scientific washing way, its service life will be double or more than in wrong washing way. And we shared 3 washing ways of hemp fiber fabric, cotton fabric and silk fabric. So today we talk the washing ways of another 2 fabrics: wool fabric and polyester fabrics.

  • 15-09-2019

    KWSD New Product Release: Perfect Latex Pillow

    This Latex Pillow is our new product, which is a latex pillow with perfect sleeping angle and softness and comfort.

  • 19-07-2019

    Bed Comforter Sets

    Bring the relaxed feel to your bedroom suite with this Bed Comforter Sets. Crafted out of 100% cotton 350 thread count fabric that’s garment washed for added softness, it is both comfortable and versatile. Craft and design: embroider golden frame. Suitable for both home use and hotel.

  • 06-08-2019

    When the Sofa Pillow can change into a duvet

    The sofa pillow is multi-purpose cushion duvet, made of 100% ultra soft down-proof fabrics with far infrared function fiber cotton filling 200g. So it is soft, light, breathable, durable and stay warm.

  • 07-05-2019

    Benefits of Anti-Mites Pillow

    If the quilt is not wash for a long time, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria and mites. Produce millions of them just need one month not wash.

  • 03-05-2019

    How to choose your bedding sets?

    These are some tips for choosing the suitable bedding sets.

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