Why do some of our bedding sets are more expensive than others?


KWSD company provides quality hotel supplies since 1998, we always hear some customer feedback: Why others' bedding linen looks same as yours, but some of yours are more expensive, that is why? Does it has other expenses? 

In fact, there are some reasons for their expensive price.

Bedding Sets 

1. The suppliers of the fabric.

Good products mean good fabrics are needed. Producing bedding products that look similar, our fabric buyers usually choose the fabrics from the brand manufacturers, but not small ones, because it is more stable and guaranteed. But this means higher costs.Hotel Bedding Set

2. The choice of the fabric.

If customers request us produce the hotel bedding set with the bad fabric, we will refuse. KWSD bedding set can not be too bad.

As the good fabric, it is sweat-absorbent, easy-cleaning, not easy to raise hair balls. So its comfort will be not too bad.

On the other hand, the bedding set produced by bad fabrics always gives people a bad feeling, which is not what we want to see.Bed Set

3. Production Craft control and quality inspection of finished product.

The same material bedding set, some companies only need 5 USD processing fee, but some need 10 USD, the difference may be in the fineness of the production process.

For the Good bedding set, it has exquisite craftsmanship, no needle eye, uniform flat surface, fine texture, clear printing and luster.

In addition to the craft quality control, we will carry out quality inspection on finished products. We hope that our products received by our customers are all good.Bedding Sets

4. Professional package and shipment.

We usually pack every bedding set with a transparent waterproof PE bag, then put them in to a thick woven bag or thick carton. Double packages can prevent the bedding set from getting wet or damaged.

After finish packing, we can arrange the shipment for customers. We have worked with a shipping company for many years. After long-term cooperation, we have established a good relationship of mutual trust. Although we can find cheaper shipping company, they are not familiar with our products, are transporting for too long, and are easy to lose. However, after careful selection, comparison and experimentation, this shipping company with the highest cost performance, higher safety and fast transportation time.

Hotel Bedding Set

KWSD is committed to producing the highest quality bedding set, providing customers with the most comfortable star of the feeling.

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